The Longhouse

Only a few Vikings lived in towns. Most of them lived in the country in Longhouses. The longhouse had usually one large room. The walls were made of wood, in areas where it was plentiful, and the roof was covered with turf.

In areas such as Iceland, where there were few trees, walls were made of peat blocks and wooden planks were placed on the inside of the walls. Benches for sitting or sleeping on were common around the walls. They were covered with furs, skins or cloths for warmth and comfort. Beds were only used in the wealthier houses. A central fire was the main source of light and heat in the hall and there was a hole in the roof to let out the smoke. Wooden chests were used to store furs blankets and other household goods.

Saturday was bath day for the Vikings. Viking farms had a bath house or Sauna near the farm for the weekly bath.

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The excavations of Sebbersund A Viking Network Info-sheet by Henriette Suna Niemann Jensen, Tina Thomsen, Niklas Reymann, Anita Vivi Holt, 1d, Noerresundby Gymnasium og HF-Kursus, Februar 1996

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