Do you speak Viking?

Unless you come from one of the Scandinavia countries, you might not think that the language you speak has anything to do with the Vikings. Well, if you speak English you may be in for a big surprise! Many words in English are descended directly from words used by the Vikings. In Irish, German, Dutch, and even French, Viking words are still in use. Maybe in other languages as well. Check your own language for Viking words and tell us about them. Even more exciting, you might find that some of the local words you use (local dialect words) are descended from Viking words.

The language of the Vikings is very much alive today and has a future!

The Vikings spoke a language very similar to the language spoken in Germany and the Netherlands at the time. When the Vikings landed their longships in Britain, they had no problems understanding the language of their cousins the Anglo-Saxons.

The Vikings settled on several of the islands in the North Atlantic, among them the Faeroe Islands and Iceland. Here they still talk the original Viking language almost unchanged!

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