How to sail from Norway to Greenland

Sailing directions from western Norway to Greenland

  • From the west country sail west but keep far enough north of the Shetlands so that these islands are barely visible in clear weather.
  • One should stay far enough south of the Faeroes so that their steep and high mountains are just halfway up over the horizon.
  • In addition one should stay far enough south of Iceland so that you can’t see land but just the coast-bound birds.
  • When you reached the east coast of Greenland you should keep a lookout for landmarks and follow the current west around Cape Farvel to the villages on the south-west point.

This description can be found in Landnáma, the chronicles of Icelandic settlements, Hauksbók, 2nd chapter. A different version can be found in Landnáma Sturlubók, 2nd chapter.

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