Viking Placenames in Ireland

Most of the Viking placenames in Ireland are on the east or south coasts. This is because the Vikings came from the east and sailed down through the Irish Sea and along the south coast. They established ports and towns along these coasts.

The Skellig Islands off the coast of Kerry.
Wicklow on the east coast of Ireland.
Howth on the north side of Dublin Bay.
Dalkey on the south side of Dublin, on the coast.
Leixlip on the river Liffey, west of Dublin.
Lambay a small island off the coast of Dublin.
The Saltee Islands, on the south coast of Wexford.
Smerwick at the Dingle peninsula in west Kerry.
Dursey Island off the coast of Cork.Strangford on the north/east coast near Belfast .
Carlingford on the Irish Sea north of Dun dalk.
Wexford at the south/east corner of Ireland.
Waterford on the south coast of Ireland.