The battle of Clontarf

On Good Friday in 1014 the battle of Clontarf decided the final outcome of  Viking power in Ireland. The Vikings were opposed by Brian Boru the king of Munster who had ruled Ireland for twelve years. But Brian Boru had many enemies. The king of Leinster and Vikings of Dublin, were jealous of his power and they didn’t want him as king. Brian wanted to punish them so he set off with his army for Dublin. The Vikings asked their friends in other countries to help, Dublin Bay was full of their ships.

The two armies faced each other at Clontarf. Some Vikings fought with Brian, and some Irish helped the Vikings. The battle lasted a full day.

In the evening the Vikings began to weaken. They turned and fled to their ships and many were drowned trying to reach their ships. Many were killed before they reached the sea.

As Brodir, one of the Viking chieftains, ran from the battlefield, he saw King Brian praying in his tent. He rushed in and killed him. Brian’s son, his grandson and many other leaders were killed.

After 1014 the Vikings in Ireland continued to work and trade as before.