Norman family names of Viking origin

Norman family name Scandinavian origin and meaning (if known)
Anger Asgeir (Gods’, Aesir’s javelin)
Ango(t) Asgaut
Anquetil Asketill (Gods’, Aesir’s cauldron
Auber Osbern (Gods’, Aesir’s bear, warrior). May be Frankish/Saxon also, from Odalbert (Albert)
Aumont (See Osmond)
Azouf, Auzoux Asulf (Gods’, Aesir’s wolf, warrior)
Brument, Le Brument Brúdmaðr (bridegroom)
Burnouf Brynjolf (Hardened [with a breastplate] wolf,warrior.
Ernouf Arnulf (wolf eagle). May also be Frankish/Saxon.
Gaument Hvalman (whaler)
Godefroy Godfrid (under God’s protection). May also be Frankish/Saxon.
Gounouf Gunnulf (fighting wolf, warrior)
Guillhouf Vilulf (wolf’s [warrior’s] will)
Harou Harulf (the army’s wolf, warrior)
Hastain Hastein (high stone)
Havard Havard (the high warden)
Hérou Herulf
Houlegate Holgata (hollow path)
Ingouf, Igouf, Yngouf, Ygouf, Youf Ingolf (God Ing’s wolf, warrior)
Néel Njall
Onfroy, Onfroi Unfrid (the one who gives peace)
Osmond, Osmont Osmund (unde God’s protection)
Osouf, Ozouf Osulf (God’s wolf, warrior)
Quétil, Quétel Ketill (the sacred cauldron)
Renouf Ragnulf (adviser wolf, warrior)
Thérou(l)de, Thouroude, Troude, Trudeau, Torde Thorvald (powerful by Thor)
Tostain, Toutain Thorstein (Thor’s Stone)
Tourquétil, Turquétil, Turquéty Thorketill (Thor’s Cauldron)
Tougard, Turgard Thorgard (the one who is under Thor’s protection)
Turgot Thorgaut
Turgis Thorgisl (Thor’s hostage)
Varanger Varangr (nickname for ‘sailor’)
Varangot Derivative of Varange (nottom of a boat, nickname for ‘sailor’) or composition of Var- (vigilant) and -Asgaut.
Yver Ivar

NOTE: There are some other family names whose origin is ‘other’ Germanic (Saxon or Frankish) but which are very close to Scandinavian forms: Enouf (Eginwulf), Anfray (Ansfrid), Anfri (Ansfrid), Geffroy (Gerdfrid), Gonfroy (Gunfrid), Rainfroy (Raginfrid), Rioult (Ridwulf).


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