The Viking Heritage


Sailing along the coasts the Vikings gave names to inlets, bays and everything they needed for later reference. Viking settlers named their new farms after the farms in the area they came from. Some of the words and phrases they used were adopted by the native population in the countries the Vikings settled.


Evidence of Viking presence can be found in most parts of Europe. Archeological finds outside the Viking homelands are especially rich on the British Isles. You can read more about coins and money.

Some archaeological findings

Complete listing

“I Dreamed a Dream” Carved on a small piece of wood from the 14th century, found in Denmark, we can still read the first bars of this song
Armring from Prince Vladimir’s treasure
Cow’s horn/Goat’s horn Musical instrument
Drømte mig en drøm
Falsterpibe Musical instrument
L’Anse aux Meadows
L’Anse aux Meadows Written by Robert W. Easton
Lindholm Hoeje – a graveyard and a settlement A Viking Network Info-sheet by Line Kristensen, Jeannette Rahmberg, Malene Damborg, Martin Kristensen, Carsten Haugaard, Pernille Gundersen, 1d, Noerresundby Gymnasium og HF-Kursus, Februar 1996
Lur Musical instrument
Minting Coins in Jorvik
Navigation Instruments
Pan flute Musical instrument
Recorder Musical instrument
The excavations of Sebbersund A Viking Network Info-sheet by Henriette Suna Niemann Jensen, Tina Thomsen, Niklas Reymann, Anita Vivi Holt, 1d, Noerresundby Gymnasium og HF-Kursus, Februar 1996
The Vikings and money
The Vikings and Money in England
Viking treasure hidden under the Kremlin for 750 years A Viking Network Info-sheet by Igor Yablokov (14), student at the Norwegian-Russian School, Moscow
Vikings in Norway make their own Coins Written by Thor-Egil Paulsen, Rælingen, Norway, March 1995, based on Kolbjørn Skaares booklet “Moneta Norwei” (Oslo 1968)
What was made in Viking Age  Jorvik (York) ?

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