Norway - Greenland

Sailing directions from western Norway to Greenland
reads like this:

bulletFrom the west country sail west but keep far enough north of the Shetlands so that these islands are barely visible in clear weather.
bulletOne should stay far enough south of the Faeroes so that their steep and high mountains are just halfway up over the horizon.
bulletIn addition one should stay far enough south of Iceland so that you can't see land but just the coast-bound birds.
bulletWhen you reached the east coast of Greenland you should keep a lookout for landmarks and follow the current west around Cape Farvel to the villages on the south-west point.

This description can be found in Landnáma, the chronicles of Icelandic settlements, Hauksbók, 2nd chapter. A different version can be found in Landnáma Sturlubók, 2nd chapter.

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