Viking Math - Experts

  1. Hedeby:
    Out of 1500 graves examined at Hedeby 5% had burial goods. How many graves had burial goods?
  2. Ottar's voyage from Skiringssal to Hedeby:
    It took Ottar of Hålogaland 5 days to sail from Skiringssal to Hedeby. He sailed 16 hours every day and the ship averaged 5 knots.
    1. How many sailing hours did it take for Ottar to make the voyage?
    2. How far did he sail?
  3. Wulfstans trip from Truso to Hedeby:
    Wulfstan's trip from Truso to Hedeby took seven days and nights. The ship had an average speed of 3.5 knots.
    1. How far did he travel each day?
    2. What was the distance from Truso to Hedeby?
  4. Fastened to the 13 meter high mast of the Gokstad ship was a rectangular sail. The width of the sail was 12 meters and the height was 6 meters. How many square meters was the sail?
  5. The Gokstad ship is 22 meters long and 5 meters wide. What is the ship's length and breadth measured in feet?
  6. The Viking chieftain Sigmund lived on Hjelta which lies at the mouth of Hjeltafjord (northwest of Bergen in Norway). It is 180 nautical miles from Hjelta to the easternmost point of Hjaltland (Shetland). How many kilometers is it from Hjelta to Hjaltland.?
  7. With favorable winds Sigmunds ship could reach speeds of 7 knots or nautical miles per hour. How many hours was the trip from Norway to Shetland?
  8. From a trading voyage to Denmark Sigmund had 15 barrels of grain. Each barrel contained 1 West-Norwegian ship pound or 144.32 kg of grain. How many kg of grain did he have?
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