The Viking family's porridge (4-6 servings)

Measurements are given in cups. One cup=1 ½ dl or about 90 g flour.

bullet10-15 cups of water
bulletTwo cups of chopped wheat kernels. Let them soak over night so they won't be so hard to chew.
bulletTwo cups pearl barley
bulletA handful whole grain wheat flour
bulletA handful crushed kernels of nuts
bullet3-4 tablespoons of honey
bulletA healthy portion of apple bits, hippells, pears or....
  1. Put the chopped wheat kernels, wheat flour, pearl barley and crushed nuts in the kettle. Pour 10 cups of water in the kettle and place on the fire.
  2. Stir the porridge evenly and turn the kettle to spread the heat. If the porridge starts to get too thick, pour more water in it.
  3. After about ½ hour add the honey, nuts and fruit. The porridge should now cook until the fruit is wet and the porridge has the desired consistency. It should take 15-30 minutes.
  4. It should be served warm, possibly with some cold cream.


From the book  I LÆRE SOM VIKING   by Trine Theut,.  Illustrations by the author. Published in 1994 by Trine Theut and OP-Forlag, Aps, Denmark.  ISBN 87-7794-248-5

English version by Steven Mohn

- 14. august 2004 -