Some things to find out and things to do


  1. What is the Rhine ? Where is it ?
  2. What is meant by the term 'Scandinavia' ?
  3. Where is the Baltic and what is it ?
  4. Where is Uzbekistan ? How far away from England is it ?
  5. What is 'amber' ? Where does it come from ? What is it used for ?
  6. 'Jet' was also found at Jorvik and used in the same way as amber. But jet is found much closer to hand and wouldn't have far to travel to get to Jorvik. Where does jet come from ? What is it and what does it look like ? Are objects still made from jet today ? Perhaps someone in your family has something made from jet - ask around.
  7. A quernstone is part of a quern. What is a quern and what was it used for ? What is lava and why would it be particularly suitable for making quernstones?
  8. Can you find the Red Sea and Aden in your atlas ?
  9. Perhaps you would like to print out this map  and plot on it the places where Jorvik trade objects came from.
    bulletWhat is flax ?
    bulletWhere does it come from ?
    bulletWhat is it made into ?


- 14. august 2004 -