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Skedsmo kirke.

The area where we today find Skedsmo kirke was an important place for the people there long before Christianity. The name Skedsmo means «The place where horseraces/horse fights are held»

It was also a place of pagan worship. The place of worship, a pagan Hov or a sacred grove, was situated somewhere on the plain where we today find the church. There was also a `ting' (a local parliament) in the area.

In 1022 Olav the Saint arrived in Skedsmo with an army. Olav fought and won a battle against the local Raumar tribe. He then forced the population in Skedsmo and the rest of Romerike to accept Christianity as their religion. Olav also had some English bishops with him and Olav had, before he left Skedsmo, a priest ordained for the new church.. This man became the first priest in Skedsmo.

After the battle, Olav started constructing the first church in Skedsmo, built of wood. In about 1180 this church was replaced by a stone church on the very spot where the first church had been built. The church was dedicated to Olav the Saint.

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