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St Olave's Grammar School

The help given to England by King Olave has not been forgotten and one street in London (Tooley Street) still bears his name with the letters changed (Saint Oley's Street). He spread Christianity and got rid of paganism. But forcing and bribing people made him unpopular and he was killed in 1030. He was remebered as a saint and churches are named after him. There are four in London.

In 1561 St. Olave's Church started a school. A man called Henry Leeke, who worked making beer, left 8 a year in his will (a lot of money then) for Saint Saviour's Church to start up a Grammar School. The will also said that if Saint Olave's could start a Grammar School within two years, Saint Saviour's would not get the money. Eleven years later in 1571, after a lot of legal arguments, the money was divided between the two churches and "The Free Grammar School of Queen Elizabeth of the Parishioners of the Parish of St. Olave in the County of Surrey", as it was then called, was started.

In 1859 the two schools joined to become The Saint Saviour's and Saint Olave's Grammar School Foundation.

After World War Two it was decided to move the school out of London to Orpington in Kent. This took place in 1968.

It is a grant maintained school, which means that the money to run it does not come from the local council but straight from the government.

The buildings and land are owned by the Foundation, which is a registered charity. The school's beginnings are remembered every year at a Commemoration Service at Southwark Cathedral, which used to be called St. Saviour's Church.

The school has a very fine record and is among the best in the country. There are 666 boys, including 186 in the Sixth Form. The numbers will slowly increase as more boys are coming in to the school next year. There is a lot of building going on, inclduing a new science block.

by Thomas Dyer (Year 8)

St. Olave's, Goddington Lane,
Orpington, Kent BR6 9SH, England, UK
Tel: (01689) 820101
Fax: (01689) 897943

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