Spirit of Leif

This autumn you and your class can participate in an international project about the Viking Leif Ericsson also called Leif the Lucky.

We celebrate Leif Ericsson because it is now 1000 years ago since he landed on the North American coast as probably the first European ever.

In the project Spirit of Leif the students can tell stories about life in the Viking Age, about Leif Ericson's voyage from Greenland to North America, about the meeting between Vikings and Inuits and the meeting between Vikings and Native Americans. The students can tell the stories alone or with other students from European countries and North America.

In countries where Leif Ericsson is not so well known you can choose a historical, local explorer and tell stories about him.

The project is offered twice. The first time is October 1 - December 20 and the second time is February 1 - April 30.

For more information visit the project site: www.leif1000.net (under construction)

Sign up with Søren Chr. Sørensen, Project manager for Spirit of Leif: Post@Leif1000.net Send information about students' ages, names of the teachers and the school, address, mail address, and telephone number.

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