Oink! Oink!

Feb 9th

Our next project which will take place during the first week of February 2000 is called Oink! Oink!.

The idea is simple, at least we think so. We will list ten common creatures and each participant must answer the following three questions about each creature:

  1. What is the creature called in your language?
  2. What word is used for the creatures' sound?
  3. What word or words are used to imitate this sound?

For example for a Dog the answers in English would be:

1. Dog.

2. Bark.

3 Woof! Woof!

Within the same language there may be regional variations especially for number 3 and you may have more than one answer for that question.

At the end of January we will send the list of ten creatures and than you can start!
We hope your classrooms will not be too noisy!

We will put a selection of the answers on a website and Email you the URL.

Updated January 10, 2000 - The Viking Network