The Leif Ericson Millennium school Relay

Leif Ericson was the first known European to reach the shores of North America. It happened in 1000 AD, a thousand  years ago.

A Viking Briefcase is on its way from school to school around the Viking World

The Briefcase 

Leif's farm 

This briefcase
is being sent
from school 
to school 
around the Viking
** A model of Leif’s ship and farm on 
Greenland is the 
main item in the case.

From Scandinavia through Russia, Ukraine, Israel, France, Britain, Ireland, Germany, Iceland and Greenland to North America.

To help schools celebrate the event; The Viking Network has organised a relay. A case containing a guest book, a model of a Viking farm and several Viking items is now on its way from school to school around the Viking World. The Vikings came into contact with many different languages. Here there are greetings in some of the languages they met.

What you can do! 

Follow the Relay! 

Send your own greeting! 

Participating schools will include photos, 
greetings to the Leif Ericson Millennium
celebrations and information and 
accounts of their own local Viking past.
To follow the relay click on the map
Individuals, classes and groups from schools 
all over the world are welcome to send 
personal greetings to the Leif Ericson 
Millennium celebration! 
To send a greeting Click here

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