The westernmost point of the Viking World

Children from: St. Anthony Elementary of St Anthony, Bayview Collegiate of Griquet and Garrigus School of Gunners Cove meet the briefcase.


The sun was shining when the briefcase arrived at L'Anse aux Meadows. Out to sea an iceberg could be seen that day, from the historic site where the remains of the Norse buildings were found. Two humpback whales were observed in the bay at St. Anthony, the nearby town.

Anyone interested in a well-travelled briefcase?

The local schools had started their summer holiday so would anyone be there to welcome the briefcase, the Leif Ericson millennium School Relay 'baton'?
The briefcase and its 'followers' were met by Debbie Anderson, Site Supervisor of the L'anse aux Meadows National Historic Site, Parks Canada,, Dawn Taylor, Coordinator of the Viking Encampment of the Viking Trail Tourism Association and Cathy Cabot-Letto from the Norstead project, A Real Life Saga alsoowned and operated by the Viking Trail Tourism Association.
We had been told that it might be possible that maybe up to 30 children might be there to meet the briefcase.
At the Norstead site. After a short trip from the Historic Site to the brand new Norstead site, the briefcase arrived at its final destination. A bonfire had already been lit and more than a hundred children of all ages were eagerly waiting to see the famous briefcase. Many of them were dressed in beautiful Viking costumes, and so were some of the parents accompanying the children and also all the  Norstead re-enactors who was there to help out, serving sausages, marshmallows and softdrinks to the children.

No speech necessary

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The carefully prepared presentation was instantly dropped and the handouts meant for a group of thirty were later given to the re-enactors. These kids knew what they were there for- the briefcase!
It was put on a table and everybody was given a chance to study its contents.
The guest-book was produced and the children were given an opportunity to sign it. Quite a few were so young that they needed some assistance to perform this task.

Greetings on behalf of Norstead, A Real Life Saga.

Norstead is situated 2 km from the L'Anse aux Meadows National Historical Site, the only authenticated Viking Site in North America.

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