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Tell us about your 'CHURCH STREET'

Two of the words the Old Norse language gave us are those for 'church' and 'street' (or 'way') and these are often found together now as a street name in towns in many parts of the Viking world. On Iceland today they say Kirkjugata, in Norway we have Kirkegate, in Denmark it is Kirkegade, in Sweden Kyrkagata, and in The Danelaw of England and in Scotland it is Kirkgate and they all point back to the Vikings!

This is just one example of the way in which the countries from which Vikings came, and in which they settled, are linked together.

The streets bearing these names are often the main streets in a town centre and - as we might expect from the name - usually have a church (perhaps a very old and important one) on them.

What to look for

But today they will be very different from the time when the first church was built there and the street leading to it was given its name. Perhaps it now has modern shops along it, or parks, or sports grounds, or offices. We would like you to tell us about YOUR `church street'. Maybe you could find out something about its history, or the history of the church itself You could describe the street - is it still one of the most important streets in the town? Is it busy or quiet? Are there important buildings along it? What about a map ? Have any great events in your town's history happened on or near this street? You could send some photographs of your 'church street' and yourselves and tell us a little about your class or school, too. It will be great fun visiting the pages of the Viking Network on the Internet, to show people YOUR church street, together with those from other parts of the Viking world.

What to do

Send your contributions by Email to The Viking Network: <wigohs@viking.no>
The working language is English.

If you want to include a map, photo or drawing, please send them by snail-mail to: The Viking Network, Wigo H. Skramm, Kirkeveien 97, N-1900 Fetsund, Norway.

NOTE! If you prefer to scan illustrations yourselves and send them electronically, please contact us first for details. You might have the opportunity to create your own `Kirkgate' home-page and to put it up on your own server. If so, please do and send us an Email where you include the URL and tell us about it. We will include your contribution on our `Kirkgates' home page by making a link to your page.

Good luck!

Barrie and Wigo

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