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Arnaud Le Fèvre
14, rue Marie-Louise Gallais


Dr Arnaud Le Fèvre
Regional co-ordinator, France

I am living in the region of Bayeux, Normandy, which history has been strongly influenced by the Vikings.
I am making research as a physicist. I am a PhD. graduate of the University of Paris 7.

As a scientist, I am interested in new technologies of information and communication, and in teaching. I am too interested in history. I develop this last aspect of my activities as President of the Hag'Dik Historical Society (Centre Culturel, Place du Champ de Mars, F-50000, St. Lô, Normandy), which studies and promotes the Viking Age and the heritage of Ducal Normandy. (Hag'Dik is a name associated with a Viking fortification, which is situated in north-west Normandy, in Hague county, and today is called Hague-Dick). Our historical society gives educational support to schools, organizes exhibitions and pageants, participates in re-enactments of Viking encampments, recreates archeological artefacts, and generally foster relationships between Normandy and Scandinavia. I have a working knowledge of English, German and Spanish (and Norman!) languages.

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