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Barrie Markham RHODES

Hello. I am the Coordinator England for The Viking Network.
My interest in the Vikings and the Viking Age started when I was at college, training to be a primary school teacher. Our geography course included Historical Geography and it was this topic which brought home to me the extent of the Scandinavian influence on the area of northern England where I live, in place names, the names of landscape features, the local dialect and, not least, in our cultural and genetic heritage.

After many years as a primary school teacher and deputy headteacher in West Yorkshire, I took an MA degree in Curriculum Theory, Educational Computing and the Sociology of Education at Leeds University. I then became a trainer of primary teachers for several years before taking early retirement in 1989. Since my retirement I have completed a Ph.D by research at Sheffield University, being awarded my doctorate in 1999.

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Ha det bra,
Barrie M. Rhodes

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