The Viking Network

Joining the Viking Network

How do I join?

The Viking Network is not an exclusive club, and you don't have to pay to join. All you have to do is contribute.

To become a member you must produce an Information Sheet on the Vikings in your local area and send it in electronic format to Viking Network. Your info-sheet will then be included in the Viking Network Web.

Producing a Viking Network Information Sheet

Information on producing a sheet is provided as part of these Web pages, but if you have any further questions or you are considering producing a sheet, you can send an email to Wigo. We are always keen to hear about prospective members.

Why it's great to be a member!!

As a member you will not only be able tosee your Information Sheets included in The Viking Network Web, you will also be able to share your views with the other members on The Viking Network's members' mailing-list.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Viking Network

Updated May 26, 1996 - The Viking Network