Hva sier skoleelever om vikinger?

Vikings are people just like us.
Robert S, (11), California, USA
Vikingene var folk som reiste ut for å røve klostre mens damene ble hjemme med nøklene
Synne (11), Norge
Vikings are warriors that fight in ships and look for gold and treasure and burn things and, they are also a football team.
Josh (12) NSW, Australia
Vikingerne var nogle skurke som rejste rundt og tog andre folks ting.
Anne (11), Danmark
I do not know much but I do know that they sailed across many seas and oceans and fought many battles around the world.
Nick (11), California, USA
Han er en mann med hjelm. Det er horn på hjelmen. Han har skinnklær. På brystet har han noen greier av metall så de ikke skulle stikke han. Han levde for minst 1000 år siden.
Ingvild (10), Norge
Viking is a thing that people tell you but it can be a story so you can believe it.
Macha (11) California, USA
I think Vikings are men that lived back years ago. Before the Western times way, way, back.
Canesha (11), California, USA
Olden day Norwegian knights that were soldiers that protect their city or there is some bad ones that steal things.
Funda (11), NSW, Australia
The Vikings were men and women who lived off the coast of Australia and sailed the seas. The viking men were warriors and thy protecked their families. Vikings also battled around the world.
Chris (11), California, USA
They were hunters who used to be in Iceland.
Brad (11), California, USA
Vikings are pirates that used to go to different countries and stole things from them. They used to go around in small ships and used axes, swords and shields. They usually burned down the villages that they robbed. They used to do this when people believed there were different gods.
Tony (12), NSW, Australia
The Vikings were a type of indians just like the Aztec's.
Katrina (11), California, USA
The Vikings were a people that came from Northern Europe, the countries that are now Finland and Norway. They were known for their fearsome warriors and skilled sailors. They were considered as a barbarian people because they attacked and slaughtered their neighbour countries.
They characteristic weapon was the double-head axe which was used in their battles. Their ships were the most advaced of their time, which they used to sail the Atlantic and reach the American continent and to establish colonies in Iceland.
Eduardo (15), Joao (16), Portugal
- 14. august 2004 -