Ord i moderne engelsk med tilknytning til Skandinavia


Abbreviations: E = English. ME = Middle English. SE = Standard English.Ice = Icelandic. Swe = Swedish. O Swe = Old Swedish. Dan = Danish. Nor = Norwegian. Scan = Scandinavian (in general). Fr = French. Du = Dutch. vb = verb. n = noun. adj = adjective. advb = adverb.


Standard English Source or present-day associations
aye Always, as in 'forever and aye'. Not to be confused with aye (the archaic form of yes in E). Ice ei.
happen (vb) To occur. Scan => ME happenen, hapnen. In Yorkshire dialect happen stands for may, maybe, perhaps; also 'to happen upon something' is to come across or find something.
hurrah ! A cheering exclamation. The older form is huzzah ! Swe and Dan hurra.
nay Negative of aye (yes). Ice nei, Dan nei, Swe nej. Compare Yorkshire dialect usage where the negative connotation is stronger and of a more contradictory character and where it is also used in an admonishing way.
sirrah A form of address equating with 'sir' but later becoming a contemptuous term. Ice (and probably Old Dan) síra. 


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