Fetsund 18.9. 95


In June there was a flood. And it was in the Glomma in Akershus. When the flood was going on I watched a lot of TV and read a lot of newspapers to see if there was anything from Fet and to see if we could go to Lillestrøm and such. So we perhaps had to hoard food. The nice thing was that we would possibly close school. But, unfortunately, we didn't have to do that. In one of the school buildings there was a lot of furniture, like pianos. The thing I was most fearful of was not being able to go to Lillestrøm. I don't know anyone who was directly involved. That is to say, anyone who had to evacuate. I saw on TV that there were many who had to leave their homes and that one person was killed. Most of the houses that were destroyed were in Tretten. There was one house that was was smashed to smithereens. One house slid down a hill. I was in France a great deal of the time so I didn't notice all that much. Other than that there isn't very much to write about.

Warm regards Simen

Translated by Steven Mohn, December 1999

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