Fetsund 18/9-95

In Fetsund,up the Glomma and many other places in Norway there was a flood this year. I wasn't affected but dad knew someone who would be hit by the flood if those who made predictions made them accurately. So dad and I helped move their washing machine, freezer and sofa into a truck.

We also moved some books and stuff like that up into the attic. They had to sell a lot of stuff because they didn't have anywhere to move it. The bad thing about it was that they weren't hit by the flood anyway because those who make the predictions were wrong. That was a big mistake.

Dyno was also hit by the flood so dad had to go to work and move desks and a lot of other stuff up to the second floor. He was at work almost all day moving stuff. The school was also hit by the flood but no water got into the school, but a lot people got to put their pianos and stuff like that in the gym and other big rooms. So we didn't get to have gym then. We didn't have a graduation ceremony either. At Fetveien they had to make a little detour because Fetveien was under water.

There was also a museum that was under water, you could only see the roof.

Greetings Roger

Translated by Steven Mohn, December 1999 

Updated January 1st 2000 by The Viking Network