Hi Fetsund 18.9.95

I want to tell you a little about the flood in Fet municipality, 30 kilometers east of Oslo.

The flood started in the middle of June. We didn't get any water in our house because our house is so far up on the heights.

At school things were pretty normal except we didn't have gym and didn't have graduation.

We were down at the logging museum where we saw the flood. There was a paraglider. We weren't on vacation then but grandma came to visit. Dad borrowed his trailer to others. There were a lot of soldiers at school and other places. The stores in Fetsund were closed so we had to buy food in Lillestrøm or Garderåsen.

I have a girlfriend who has some friends who got floodwater in their house. My aunt and uncle got water in their house. They moved in with grandma and grandpa.

Greetings Linn

Translated by Steven Mohn, December 1999

Updated January 1st 2000 by The Viking Network