Fetsund 18.9.95.


In May/June in Fetsund we heard that the flood was going to hit the place where I live. I live a little high up so we didn't get any water, but we have some friends who live a little further down and we heard that the water was going to go all the way up to the ceiling of the first floor. They moved their sofas and everything else up to the second floor. The next day they heard that the flood was going to reach all the way up to the second floor. WOW!. Then we managed to get a community center they could live in. They got to move almost all of their furniture there. What they didn't have room for their they moved somewhere else. They were pretty exhausted when they were finished moving. My mother, Lise, bought a lot of pop and food. We thought the tap water would be dirty so we had to buy lots of pop. We had to buy food because the road was closed because of the flood. We breathed a sigh of relief when the flood was over.The water got only as high as the basement and our friends were happy for that. We didn't have graduation but that didn't make any difference.

Greetings Line

Translated by Steven Mohn, December 1999

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