Fetsund 18/9-95

The flood of 95

My name is Kjetil and I live in Fetsund in Akershus in Østlandet.

I go to Hovinhøgda school. I play football in my spare time. I am in 5th grade. It is no good being in 5th grade because we have so much homework. I heard about the flood for the first time on TV, it was weird going to school because the gymnasium was full of furniture people who had to move because of the flood put there. We didn't have a graduation because the room used for that was full of furniture too. I wasn't affected by the flood because we live so high up.

But we couldn't take the normal way to Lillestrøm to shop, we had to take a detour in order to buy groceries, but we survived anyway, if I were dead I wouldn't have been able to write this letter.

Greetings Kjetil

Translated by Steven Mohn, December 1999

Updated January 1st 2000 by The Viking Network