Fetsund 18.9.95.

My name is Christine, now I am going to tell you a little about the flood we had this year. I live very high up so the water didn't come to us but down in Fetsund the water came. First I watched TV and they said there was going to be a flood. We had to buy a lot of water, in case they shut off the water we couldn't get it out of the tap. We drove down to Nerdrum with our car and we saw that some of the sidewalks were flooded. One day the water was shut off because of pollution. So we had to drink the water we had bought. On the news we saw a lot of soldiers putting sandbags around houses so that not so much water would get into the basements. There were a lot of people that had to move to acquaintences homes. Some people had high houses, they could move one floor up. A lot of people boarded up their windows.

Warm greetings Christine

Translated by Steven Mohn, December 1999

Updated January 1st 2000 by The Viking Network