Fetsund 18.9.95.


My name is Cecilie.

Something happened this summer that I have never experienced before.

There was a flood in Fet municipality. Our neighbor had to move out in case they got water in their house. But they didn't get very much. If it had been about two meters higher than in 67 we would have had to move out. Fortunately it didn't get higher. We had to have a card in our car's front window because none other than those who lived here should get in. We also had to take a lot of detours. We had to help grandma move all the things she had in her basement. I rowed across the road with grandpa, it was strange. Fetsund is about 30 kilometers east of Oslo. We fished alongside the road but we didn't get any fish, we couldn't have eaten the fish anyway because they were poisonous. I hope we never have another flood.

Greetings Cecilie

Translated by Steven Mohn, December 1999

Updated January 1st 2000 by The Viking Network