Hi! 18/9-95

Something unusual happened this year. There was a flood. There hasn't been a big flood since 1967. I could see the Glomma rising every day. I watched it from my room. Saturday during Pentecost my aunt called and said we had to come at once to help her clean her basement. The whole family and some other people showed up. My aunt had to have help because my uncle works for the municipality and had to help others. I have some friends at Øya who had to move. They had to take everything out of the house. They had to live with one of their grandmothers. When I wanted to visit my grandparents I had to show a proof of occupancy. The military was everywhere and at all the ingresses. It was almost like being at war. But there is one thing I have forgotten to say; that is that my aunt didn't get any water in her house and those at Øya only got water in their basements.

Hilsen Aleksander

Translated by Steven Mohn, December 1999

Updated January 1st 2000 by The Viking Network