Educational material based on archival material

The first educational plan was called 'Fet in the 700's' and was developed for elementary school. Here we show how a farm was established and run in Merovingian times (600-700 AD). The plan consisted of five short booklets. Each booklet had a set of assignments. The schools in Fet bought the plan and use it every year on the elementary level.

Educational material based on databases.

Educational plans exist for every level of school. On the elementary level two teachers have developed a plan based on the male censuses of 1665 and 1701 and the general census of 1801. On the jr. high level teachers have developed plans for use in elective courses. In addition the material has been used in inter subject work in math and social studies.

Wigo H. Skråmm has for several years taught elective courses at Østersund jr. high school where the database material has been use as the main source of information. In addition he has functioned as an advisor for colleagues in the use of these sources, especially for inter subject work such as social studies and math/statistics.

At Skedsmo high school the Norwegian Department of Education gave Nils Steinar Våge dispensation from the normal history curriculum (1991-1993) in order to integrate censuses, parish books and archaeological finds in the teaching of history for juniors and seniors. All the material that was used was registered by LHRC.

The schools in the municipality are making greater and greater use of the material because it is all registered on the schools machines. In addition more and more high school students are using the material in connection with special subjects like place names and for projects in history.

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