Interdepartmental co-operation

In the goals for the project we emphasised that we wanted to break departmental boundaries both on a municipal and county level. As early as 1987 we managed to get the school and cultural departments to support us in co-operation with this undertaking. The Fet school board paid us to develop educational plans. The Fet Culture department gave us funds for file cabinets, display cases and office equipment in addition to a regular annual allotment to fund the project. The county culture department bought us free from school in order that we could write a booklet entitled 'Visit St. Olav's World. A Package Tour to the Past..' This was a pre-ordered project that had the intention of creating interest for local history in general. It was published with schools, associations and clubs in mind.

The Primary School Committee, Council for High School Education and the National Education Department have supported the project with funds for courses and seminars.

In addition, local clubs and organisations have worked in co-operation with us. As an example; the place name collection was performed by representatives from the the History Club, Agricultural Union, Woods Owners Club and the Female Farmer's Club as well as others on pre-fab forms. We transfer the data to computer and send it for a final check to the department for name research at the University of Oslo. This co-operation across departmental boundaries is necessary for a project of this type to function.