Co-operation with York schools

LHRC has arranged two seminars and has conducted one study tour to York/Yorkshire in England. The intention has been to establish a co-operative effort with English schools in local history projects where the database natural would provide a starting point. The databases that have been used are censuses and parish books in St. Saviour parish and York and comparable sources in Fet and Skedsmo municipalities (including the town of Lillestroem). RUBREG and the forms were translated to English. Students from elementary schools in Fet and York have exchanged material.

Use of Databases from Scotland at Skedsmo High School

In connection with the integration of local historical material in history teaching at Skedsmo the students of Skedsmo made a comparison of Lillestroem and Douglas. The databases used were the censuses from 1865 and the material is registered in both Scotland and at LHRC.