The Registration of Data

In the fall of 1987 we began an extensive registration with the assistance of Fet library. The funds for this work were provided by the National Library Board, Akershus County Culture department, the School Board of Oslo, Akershus, Fet School Board and Fet Culture committee. The registration was conducted in co-operation with the 'bygde'(municipal history) book editor for Fet municipality, Jan E. Horgen, who does all the work with 'bygde' books on computer. As the registration became complete all of the data was transferred to his machine and used in the writing of the 'bygde' books.

This overview shows the registered material at LHRC as of July 1st 1996.

Source Type Period/Year Geographic area Number
Male census 1664-1666 Fet parish 311
Male census 1701 Fet parish 526
Male census 1701 Raelingen annex 155
Census 1865 Fet municipality 3467
Census 1900 Fet municipality 3214
Census 1865 Lillestroem 408
Census 1865 Raelingen municipality 1010
Census 1900 Raelingen municipality 1222
Census 1865 Skedsmo municipality 3006
Registered at RHD
Census (Scotland) 1881 Douglas 358
Census (Scotland) 1881 Morvern 329
Census (England) 1861 York 2655
Parish books (baptisms) 1716-1900 Fet parish 11907
Parish books(marriages) 1716-1900 Fet parish 3283
Parish books (deaths) !716-1900 Fet parish 7490
Parish books (migration) 1847-1877 Fet parish 1941
Parish books(confirmations) 1847-1877 Fet parish 9401
Registered in USA
Parish books (York) 1861 St. Saviour parish 2655
Archaeological artefacts to ca. 1000 AD Fet municipality 92
Archaeological artefacts to ca. 1000 AD Skedsmo municipality 146
Emigration 1853-1902 Fet and Raelingen 373
Incomplete emigration from 1882 3093
Place names Raelingen municipality 1077
Registered in Raelingen municipality
Musical notes ca. 1900 Fet municipality 70
Nicknames 1920 Lillestroem 500
Tax protocols 1647 Fet parish 85
Tax protocols 1723 Fet parish 112
Tax protocols 1836 Fet parish 234
Place names 500
Customs lists in Odense 1784 Oeresund, Denmark 11000
Local history archive Fet municipality 420

In addition to this we have purchased from the University of Bergen the 1801 census for Oslo and Akershus, that includes 21 parishes in Akershus and all of Oslo. There are over 53, 770 registrations.


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