LHRC's Background

There are several goals for LHRC. Firstly we wanted to build a local history document archive where teachers could find relevant sources for use in social studies. The archive would also be available other interested parties. Also, yours truly, would use the archive material to devise educational packets for use in Fet schools.

Another goal we felt was important was the registration of local history sources on computer. To start with, this concerned the most central user-friendly sources such as parish books and censuses. We wanted to transfer the sources from gothic to typewritten pages in order to get more and more people to use the archives both in the schools and in the area generally.

We also wanted to preserve non material cultural artefacts because we saw the many possibilities for use in schools and generally.

Another goal with using local history sources in education was to give the students a greater awareness and knowledge of where they live. Besides we saw this as a necessary pioneering work in the field of history.

Updated 23 March 1997 -  by The Viking Network