Timeline of Byzantium- Constantinople- Istanbul


bulletByzantium was founded by Greeks in about 600 B.C. at the entrance to the Bosporous and Black Sea.
bulletIn 73 A.D. Byzantium was incorporated into the Roman empire.
bulletCa. 200 A.D. the Hippodrome was constructed as a copy of the Circus Maximus in Rome. It was 380 by 190 meters and held 100, 000 spectators.


bulletFounded in the year 324 by emperor Constantine.
bulletThe city burned in the year 532.
bulletIt was first attacked by Vikings in 860
bulletIn 980 emperor Basil II founded the Varangian Guard as a single unit of his army.
bulletConquered for the first time by crusaders from 1204-1261. The city never fully recovered from this.
bulletThe Sultan Mehmet II, ruler of the Ottoman empire, conquered the city in 1453.
bulletThe city was the capital until 1923.


bulletThe city's name was changed to Istanbul in 1930.
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