St. Olav:

Olavís childhood

Olav was the son of King Harald of Vestfold County in Norway and Ňsta Gudbransdaughter. Olavís father was killed before Olav was born and his mother then married Sigurd the Sow, also a descendant of King Harold Finehair, and a man with large estates in the Ringerike region north of Vestfold County. Sigurd was a wealthy man, but mostly interested in farming, not fighting.

Olavís mother, however, never let him forget he was the son of a king. Olav was of medium build but strong. He excelled in archery and spear-throwing.

He was a good swordsman and he hated to lose! He was good-looking, but when he turned angry his sharp blue eyes scared the other children. This might have happened quite often, because people often called him Olav the Stout. At the age of 12 he was ready for a life as a Viking warrior.

- 14. august 2004 -