Where Jutland is at its narrowest
The Danish King Ongendus
Fortress of Mighty Oak and Earth
The Powerful Frankish Kings
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"I Dreamed a Dream"Carved on a small piece of wood from the 14th century, found in Denmark, we can still read the first bars of this song
DannevirkeThe Dannevirke, was built in the age of the Vikings to protect Denmark from the powerful Frankish kings just to the south
Dendrological StudiesIt is possible to tell how old a tree was by looking its rings.
Dendrologiske undersøgelser
FalsterpibeMusical instrument
Festrning af kraftigt egetommer og jord
Fortress of Mighty Oak and Earth
Hvor Jylland er smal
Info-sheets from Denmark
Lindholm Hoeje - a graveyard and a settlementA Viking Network Info-sheet by Line Kristensen, Jeannette Rahmberg, Malene Damborg, Martin Kristensen, Carsten Haugaard, Pernille Gundersen, 1d, Noerresundby Gymnasium og HF-Kursus, Februar 1996
Lindholm HojeViking Network Info-sheet: af historiestuderende ved Aalborg Seminarium, Danmark
Lindholm højeA Viking Network Info-sheet by students at Aalborg Teachers' College, Denmark
Map of Viking Denmark
Map of Viking Scandinavia
Nørresundby: Jelling-the city of the kingsA Viking Network Info-sheet by Pia Larsen, Randi Rasmussen, Louise Andersen, Marianne Hejlesen,Claus Jensen, Soeren Andersen,Brian Skov, 1d, Noerresundby Gymnasium og HF-Kursus, February 1996
Othere's Voyage to the White Sea
Ottars beretning
RecorderMusical instrument
Silkeborg i Vikingetiden
Sterke frankiske konger
The Danish King Ongendus
The Powerful Frankish Kings
The viking fortresses of Fyrkat and AggersborgA Viking Network Info-sheet by Claus Hagerup Jensen, Soeren Christensen, Brian Skov, Marianne Hejlesen, Louise Andersen, 1d, Noerresundby Gymnasium og HF-Kursus, Feruary 1996
Vikingene møter kristendommen
Vikinger i HorsensViking Network Info-sheet af Keld Jegind
Vikings and their MusicWritten by Mogens Friis
Vikings in HorsensA Viking Network Info-sheet by Keld Jegind
Where Jutland is at its narrowest
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