Knattleikr (English: Ballgame)

One ball game was very popular amongst the Vikings. It was played by children and adults and the surface it was played on could be either ice or grass. From west-Iceland we hear tell that at Lekskalvollane there were annual tournaments that lasted 14 days. Shelters were erected where people lived during the tournaments.

Today no one knows the game's rules but there is some information. We know that:

bulletthey were divided into teams
bulletthe teams were usually two against two though more could take part
bulleta hard ball was hit by a bat
bulletthe opponent who didn't have the ball caught and threw the ball with his hands
bulletbody contact was allowed in the fight for the ball where the strongest had the best chance to win
bulletthe game demanded so much time that it was played from morning to night
bulletthere was a captain on each team
bulletthere were penalties and a penalty box
bulletthe playing field was lined
bulletone had to change clothes for the game
bulletit was played on the ice or grass
- 14. august 2004 -