Books on Vikings in French

Updated August 1998

- Arnaud Le Fèvre -

Scandinavian mythology

bulletL'Edda - Récits de mythologie nordique Snorri Sturluson
Transl. : F.-X. Dillmann N.R.F.-Gallimard 2-07-072114-0
A reference book for those who want to explore and deepen their knowledge of the Scandinavian mythological universe.
bulletLes Dieux Maudits Jean Mabire Copernic 2-85984-026-5
An in-depth description  of Scandinavian mythology, restoring the essential truth to these eternal myths; pleasant to read, easy to consult; recommended for beginners and children.
bulletYggdrasill - La Religion des Anciens Scandinaves Régis Boyer Payot 2-228-88469-3
A thorough presentation of the Old Scandinavians' religion, presented in a cold and in-depth academic format; a reference book.
bulletLes Dieux des Vikings Jean Renaud Ouest-France Université 2-7373-1468-2
A specialized book reviewing in detail, the main divinities of Scandinavian mythology, the myths and other related religious rites.

General books on Vikings

bulletLes Vikings à Travers le Monde Jean Mabire l'Ancre de Marine 2-905970-49-9
Viking history presented with the captivating tone of the historical narrative. Pleasant to read. Recommended as first lecture in the domain.
bulletLes Vikings Régis Boyer Plon 2-259-02236-7
A reference book on Viking history with an academic tone, therefore hard to tackle for beginners; Not recommended as first lecture in the domain.
bulletAtlas des Vikings 789-1100 John Haywood Autrement ISSN 1254-5724
An exhaustive review of the Viking history in the form of texts which are serious and concise. Illustrated with numerous maps; a reference historical atlas.
bulletLes Vikings et la Normandie Jean Renaud Ouest-France Université 2-7373-0258-7
A detailed book on Viking history in Normandy and the objective traces Vikings left there.
bulletLes Vikings et la Mer Frédéric Durand Errance 2-87772-118-3
A complete, precise, technical, and easy to tackle book, giving a recent explanation of the methods and the sailing techniques used by the Vikings.
bulletHistoire Secrète de la Normandie Jean Mabire Albin Michel 2-226-02147-7
An attractive and living description of the foundation of Normandy by the Vikings.
bulletLa Fondation du Duché de Normandie Jean Deuve Charles Corlet 2-85480-627-1
A fascinating, living and accurate description of the foundation of Normandy by the Vikings and their descendants; an essential book for who want to understand the history of the Vikings, Normandy and, France.

Viking literature and psychology

bulletCe que Disaient les Vikings transl. : Gérard Lemarquis Gudrun 9979-856-03-3
Translation of the Hávámal, a real handbook of the Viking beliefs and way of life; a pleasant way to penetrate their mental universe.
bulletLa Poésie Scaldique Régis Boyer le Porte-Glaive 2-906468-13-4
An in-depth study of the Viking poetic art, one of the most perfect summits of the European Art; a reference book of academic style.
bulletMoeurs et Psychologie des Anciens Islandais Régis Boyer le Porte-Glaive 2-906468-06-1
A basic work for understanding the Viking mentality.

Books on Vikings for "specialists"

bulletNordica et Normannica Lucien Musset Société des Études Nordiques 2-912420-00-8  ISSN 1279-7944
A reference book on Viking history, and, particularly, on the foundation of Normandy, through the compilation of studies which have been achieved by the author; recommended for those who want to deepen their knowledge on this topic.
bulletProxima Thulé (I, II et III) Dir. : F.-X. Dillmann Société des Études Nordiques ISSN 1254-7492
A reference review for anyone wishing to delve deep into Viking history; contains a series of contributions of international specialists developing precise themes. (published every two years)

Books on Vikings for young people

(recommended also for beginner adults)
bulletUne Ville Viking F. Mac Donald M. Berginæ. French adaptation : F. Rose Deux Coqs d'Or 2-01-392283-3
Superb book, nice illustrations, on Viking every-day life. Simple but complete, rigorous in the historical point of view.
bulletLes Vikings, Maîtres des Mers Philippe Brochard Eddy Krähenbühl Nathan 2-09-240174-2
Stresses the sailing topic; magnificent illustrations
bulletLa Vie Privée des Hommes - Au Temps des Vikings Louis-René Nougier; Pierre Joubert (illustrations) ISBN : 2-01-017397-X
A complete book developing the historical description of the Viking civilization. The illistrated costumes are often fanciful.
bulletEntrez chez... Les Vikings Anne Pearson
French adaptation : Rémi Simon Gründ 2-7000-5056-8
A nice book on the every-day life, the social organization, the mythology of the Vikings; originality : "Surprise views" with transparency pages.
bulletLes Hommes du Nord S. M. Margeson Gallimard 2-07-058338-4
The Viking every-day life illustrated by photos; historically rigorous.
bulletLes Vikings J. D. Clare Gamma Héritage (éd. D. Tweddle) 2-7130-1575-5 2-7625-7212-6
The every-day life of the Vikings illustrated by numerous photos of reconstructed life-scenes with attention to historical accuracy for realism; a reference for anyone interested in the reconstruction of materials or costumes
bulletPleins Feux sur les Vikings French adaptation : Anita Ganeri and Christine Leplae-Couwez Gamma 2-7130-1591-X
A text-book presentation of the Viking life (society, life modes) and history. Simple content with manual works which unfortunately belittle or make simplistic the Viking morals and customs. (A rather archaic view.)
bulletDe Mémoire de... Vikings Jacqueline Morley and Mark Bergin
French adaptation : Ph. Paraire Hachette 2-01-291355-5
Complete book about the Viking's every-day life, serious in the content of form. Many details and illustrations. Superb reference for children and teachers.'
bulletLes Vikings - Mythes et Légendes Gilles Ragache and Marcel Laverdet Hachette 2-01-015905-5
A collection of Viking legends and myths, well illustrated; a reference for children above 7 years old. (A good way to develop their imaginary.)

Strip cartoons

bulletNordmann  Stallner and Bardet Glénat 2-7234-2320-4
A touching account of the Viking epic in Normady related through the story of the young Danish Egill; a rigorous work containing magnificent drawings.
bulletMoi Svein, Compagnon d'Hasting (I) Darvil Ériamel Chagnaud Assor BD 2-9502410-2-6
An account relating the epic of the Vikings from the West, through the story of Svein; serious historical content; attractive drawings, but displays some historical inaccuracies concerning the Viking clothes and equipment.

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