The Vikings in Normandy:


by Arnaud Le Fèvre
bulletThe beginnings of the story
bulletThe 10th century foundation of the Duchy of Normandy.
bulletThe assertion of Norman power.
bulletThe Scandinavian contribution in Normandy.
bulletChronology of the Vikings in Normandy- Viking raids on the lower Seine; Viking raids in western Neustria.

Appendices :

bulletScandinavian place names in Normandy;
bulletderived from personal names, with comparative examples from England, Scandinavia and other countries.
bulletderived from Old Norse terms for landscape features, with comparative examples from England, Scandinavia and other countries...
bulletNorman family names of Viking origin.


bulletThe old Frankish administrative districts in Neustria (now Normandy) in the 9th century.
bulletThe stages of the foundation of Normandy.
bulletThe Scandinavian colonisation of Normandy: Scandinavian place name density and linguistic boundary (Joret's Line: the limit of Norse-influenced Norman dialect).

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