About The Viking Network Web

The Viking Network Web is an award-winning educational resource designed by Yngve Skråmm, but there are lots of people involved that has contributed to its contents.

The Viking Network Web is not a finished product, but a dynamic educational resource about the Vikings. You can use the information in this web freely for educational purposes, e.g. printing an item and distributing it to your class or downloading the files so you can access the web over your local network. However, you can not change any of its contents including information about when it was last revised and by whom. Since this information is designed for electronic publishing and is under constant revision and expansion, the best use of this material is to read it on-line.

The information is organised hierarchically, but with plenty of cross-references. We have tried to keep the files, as well as inline images, small, so downloading shouldn't take too long even with slow connections. You can view larger versions of the pictures by clicking on the small inline images. There are, however, a few links to information about the Vikings made available by others where this may not apply.

How to find information:

Takes you all the way up to the homepage

Takes you to a higher level in the information hierarchy.

Takes you to an index where all the pages are listed according to topic.

Takes you to a page where you can specify words to search for

Takes you to a map of the Viking world.

If there are any comments or question please feel free to send me an email.


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