The Viking Timeline

789 - Vikings begin their attacks on England.
800 - The Oseberg Viking longship is buried about this time
840 - Viking settlers found the city of Dublin in Ireland.
844 - A Viking raid on Seville is repulsed.
860 - Rus Vikings attack Constantinople (Istanbul).
862 - Novgorod in Russia is founded by the Rus Viking, Ulrich.
866 - Danish Vikings establish a kingdom in York, England.
871 - Alfred the Great becomes king of Wessex; the Danish advance is halted in England.
872 - Harald I gains control of Norway.
879 - Rurik establishes Kiev as the center of the Kievan Rus' domains.
886 - Alfred divides England with the Danes under the Danelaw pact.
900 - The Vikings raid along the Mediterranean coast.
911 - The Viking chief Rollo is granted land by the Franks and founds Normandy in France.
941 - Rus Vikings attack Constantinople (Istanbul).
981 - Viking leader Erik the Red discovers Greenland.
986 - Viking ships sail in Newfoundland waters.
991 - Æthelred II pays the first Danegeld ransom to stop Danish attacks on England.
995 - Olav I conquers Norway and proclaims it a Christian kingdom.
1000 - Christianity reaches Greenland and Iceland.
1000 - Leif Eriksson, son of Erik the Red, explores the coast of North America.
1000 - Olav I dies; Norway is ruled by the Danes.
1002 - Brian Boru defeats the Norse and becomes the king of Ireland.
1010 - Viking explorer Thorfinn Karlsefni attempts to found a settlement in North America.
1013 - The Danes conquer England; Æthelred flees to Normandy.
1015 - Vikings abandon the Vinland settlement on the coast of North America.
1016 - Olav II regains Norway from the Danes.
1016 - The Danes under Knut (Canute) rule England.
1028 - Knut (Canute), king of England and Denmark, conquers Norway.
1042 - Edward the Confessor rules England with the support of the Danes.
1050 - The city of Oslo is founded in Norway.
1066 - Harold Godwinson king of England defeats Harald Hardrada king of Norway at the Battle of Stamford Bridge
1066 - William duke of Normandy defeats the Saxon king Harold at the Battle of Hastings.

Historical calendar.

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