Scandinavian-named settlements in the Jorvik (York) region


J = Jorvik (York)
T = Teesdale
VOY = Vale of York
VOP = Vale of Pickering
YW = Yorkshire Wolds
NL = North Lincolnshire
C = Calderdale
A = Airedale
WH = Wharfedale
R = Ribblesdale
W = Wensleydale
S = Swaledale
LD = Lake District

The RED dots show Scandinavian place-names) with the -by suffix. Other Scandinavian suffixes, such as -thorp(e), -thwait(e), -toft(s), -ness, etc., have been omitted from this map to avoid clutter.


The GREEN dots show hybrid place-names, which have both Scandinavian and English elements, such as GRIMSTON.

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