The Rulers of Jorvik (York)

AD 866 TO AD 1069

866 Eoforwic captured by Viking Great Army. Scandinavians settle in Yorkshire and other parts of northern and eastern England.
876 Viking kings begin to rule Jorvik
??? Guthfrith, a Christian Viking, is King of York.
919 Ragnald is ruler of the Kingdom of York.
921 Ragnald acknowledges overlordship of the English King Edward; Sigtrygg (formerly king of the Dublin Vikings) becomes ruler of the Kingdom of York when Ragnald dies.
926 Sigtrygg marries the sister of the English King Athelstan (son and successor of King Edward) as a political move, to try to hold on to his independent rule.
927 Sigtrygg dies and is succeeded by Guthfrith from Dublin, but Guthfrith is driven back to Dublin and Athelstan gains control of Jorvik/York.
937 Athelstan beats off an attack by a combined force of Strathclyde Celtic Britons, Scots and the Viking King Olaf Guthfrithson of Dublin, at the Battle of Brananburh.
939 Athelstan dies.
939-954 English, Dublin Vikings and Scandinavians compete for power in Jorvik.
954 Expulsion of Erik Bloodaxe, last Viking king of Jorvik.
954-1066 English kings control Jorvik through carefully-chosen earls and archbishops, often of mixed Anglo-Scandinavian descent.
1066 Battles of Fulford, Stamford Bridge and Hastings. Scandinavian claim to the English throne is repelled but England falls to William, Duke of Normandy and Harold Godwinson, last Anglo-Saxon King of England, is killed. Jorvik/York comes under Norman control.
1069 William the Conqueror (William I) finally subdues Jorvik/York and the north after some temporary control by a combined Scandinavian/Northumbrian force.
1070 -1085  Occasional Danish attempts to recapture Jorvik/York.

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