Jorvik (York) Reading List

The following works are recommended for further study of Viking Age Jorvik (York) by adults and older students :

Hall, R (1994) Viking Age York - English Heritage Series. Batsford, London. ISBN 0 7134 7013 5 (cased) and 0 7134 7014 3 (limp).

Richards, J.D. (1991) Viking Age England - English Heritage Series. Batsford, London.

Roesdahl, E. (1987) The Vikings. Translated and published in English in 1991 by Allen Lane, The Penguin Press. Originally published in Danish as Vikingernes Verden (1987) by Gyldendal, Copenhagen.

The following books are recommended as further reading for children :

Illustrated World History - The Viking World (11 years upwards); Usborne Books.

Book of Europe (10 years upwards); Usborne Books.

Newspaper Histories - The Viking Invaders (10 years upwards); Usborne Books.

Starting Point History - Who Were The Vikings ? (6 years upwards); Usborne Books.

Time Travellers - Viking Raiders (8-11 years); Usborne Books.

All in a Day's Work - Raiders and Traders: The Vikings, by Anita Ganeri (1997); Heinemann. ISBN 0 431 05384 7. Suitable as a class room resource or library book for children aged 5-11 years.

The Vicious Vikings (in the Horrible Histories series), by Terry Deary (1994); Scholastic Children's Books, London. A humorous and deliberately bloodthirsty look at Vikings and their dealings with the Anglo-Saxons. Suitable for 7-10 year olds and, though lighthearted and funny, there ARE important lessons on how to separate fact from opinion and how history may be distorted in its transmission.

- 14. august 2004 -