Guthorm's Invasion of Wessex:
Overview to the story

May...a good month for a battle! King Guthorm knew it would be no skirmish. King Alfred's army had strengthened quickly now that the crops had been planted. But Guthorm's warriors were professional fighters. And Guthorm was eager to move south and take the kingdom of Wessex. He knew his army had several advantages over Alfred's farmer-fighters and ealdormen.

But there were a few major details gnawing at his thoughts on that early May morning. Ragnarsson's death was only one of them. But as the sun began to rise, Guthorm gave the orders to move the army to Salisbury Plain. There they would meet their foemen and fight to gain the way to Wessex. Victory...the Viking king could almost taste it!

As he gave the order to move from camp, Guthorm knew, however, that the knowledge of his fate and that of his men lay hidden behind the all-seeing eye of a fickle god, Odin.


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