Guthorm's Invasion of Wessex - Related activities

Creating a Timeline

Make a time-line banner for your classroom using these dates about Guthorm's invasion of Wessex. Be as creative as you would like. This would be a good activity for partners. Someone could draw the dates and events on the line in fancy letters and someone else could draw or paint scenes of what happened. 

Time-line dates and events:

877 Guthorm and his army capture Exeter.
September - December, 878 Guthorm is camped at Gloucester.
January 6, 878 The battle of Chippenham.
January-February 878 Alfred and his bodyguards escape west into the moors.
Before March 21 Ragnarsson's ships move in and are defeated at Cynuit. Ragnarsson is killed.
After March 21 Alfred goes to Athelney and gathers his followers after they have planted the crops.
May 4-11 sometime during this week, the midmorning battle on Salisbury Plain, near Ethandun.
Late May Guthorm surrenders to Alfred.
Summer Guthorm and his men return to _______________.
Winter-Spring-Summer 879 The army stays in _____________.
Autumn 879 Guthorm and his army move to ____________.


By Dana Metheny

- 14. august 2004 -