About The Viking Network Web

We understand that our domain name is quite popular in Norway. It is not for sale, but if you would like an e-mail-address at viking.no, that can be arranged.

You can read about how it all started here.

The Viking Network Web is not a finished product, but a dynamic educational resource about the Vikings. You can use the information in this web freely for educational purposes, e.g. printing an item and distributing it to your class or downloading the files so you can access the web over your local network.

However, you can not change any of its contents including information about when it was last revised and by whom. Since this information is designed for electronic publishing and is under constant revision and expansion, the best use of this material is to read it on-line.

Most content was originally made by Wigo Skråmm, Yngve Skråmm and Nils Steinar Våge. The site is now maintained and kept alive with ads by Erlend Våge. This is a non-profit project. If you would like to contribute, please contact erlend@avimedia.no.

We wish to thank the following people for their contributions, help and support in creating this information resource about the Vikings:

Jan-Egil Bakke, Marikollen ungdomsskole, Norway
Graham Body, Fairy Meadow Demonstration School, NSW, Australia
Øyvind Borgenholt, Intervett AS, Oslo
Chris Daniell, York Archaeological Trust, England
Roy Davies, University of Exeter, England
Allan Grant, Towie Primary School, Scotland
Svein H. Gullbekk, University of Oslo, Norway
Helgi Skuli Kjartansson, University College of Education, Iceland
Thomas Manson, Canada
Dana Metheny, Colonial Williamsburg
Steven Mohn, Østersund ungdomsskole, Norway
Lena Nydahl, Vallentuna skole, Sweden
Tor Egil Paulsen, Marikollen ungdomsskole, Norway
Michael Swanton, Professor of English Medieval Studies, University of Exeter

This post is also available in: Norwegian Bokmål

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